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Fine Fly Tying Equipment Made Exclusively in the USA

Bullet Head Tool (3 pieces)

3 Pieces Bullet Head ToolBackcast’s Bullet Nose Tool features a length of clear plastic tubing attached to a hex handle. The hex configuration prevents the tool from rolling off the work surface, while the clear plastic allows the tyer to view the tying material for proper positioning before it’s tied down. The tool maybe removed, or rotated to a more suitable position for proper tying. You’ll never be apprehensive about tying bullet head flies again.

Sold as a set, and available in two sizes. The small set includes 3 separate tools and will accommodate down to a #18. A large set features tools suitable for tying the largest salt water flies and is perfect for large bass plugs.

Dubbing Tool Set (Pick, Brush & Twister)

Dubbing Tool SetIdeal for any travel kit, this is not just a dubbing tool, but three tools together in one a handy kit. Inside the body tube are a bodkin, a dubbing twister, and a small dubbing teaser brush. In the tube cap is a hex allen. Use this feature to adjust the allen set screw and hold the selected tool firmly onto the tube end. Be careful not to over tighten the screw. When finished using a tool, close the set screw down, store the tools inside the tube, and replace the cap. No more searching through a travel bag for stray dubbing tools. Lightweight aluminum construction, manufactured exclusively by Backcast Products.

Dubbing Brush Set

SoldDubbing Tool Set as a three brush set, each brush features anodized aluminum handles and nylon bristle heads. Sizes are 1/4”, 3/8”, and 1/2”. Tease dubbing with ease on the smallest to the largest flies.

Bottle Holder

Bottle Holder aluminum madeTired of searching vest pockets for a bottle of floatant? Or worse yet seeing that bottle bobbing down stream and out of reach? Backcast bottle holder secures the product to your vest while allowing easy access and application. Made of aluminum and with anodize finish for a lifetime of use.

Hook Holder Cups (Set of 3)

Hook Holder CupsDon’t loose those size 22 hooks in the carpet ever again. A cup designed with a wide base to prevent upsets. Ideal for holding hooks and other small materials while tying, as well as a place to put finished flies. Cups are stackable. Solid aluminum with an anodized finish.

Fish Cutting Board

Fish Cutting BoardAlthough we know you’d never fillet a trout on one of these, it makes a great a great gift for the fisherman who has it all. Made from food grade VHMW—use it to trim steaks or chop vegetables. Backcast’s cutting board is the perfect size for use in campers and motor homes.

  • April 8, 2017
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