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Did You Know The Peak Rotary Vise Has Extra Features?

peak rotary fly tying vise

peak vise accessoriesAre you thinking about upgrading your conventional vise to a true rotary type? Well, you’re on the right page! You’ll find several options on this site, but you shouldn’t miss the  Peak vise. It has to be among your top picks, and we’ll tell you why in a bit.

Peak Fishing offers a whole line of vise products, accessories, and replacement parts at budget-friendly price tags. So if you’ll ever need a different vise jaw, arm, or other accessories in the future, finding a compatible part wouldn’t be an issue. They’ve thought of all the possible add-ons to make organizing a breeze and fly tying a joy.

For your purpose, we highly recommend their true rotary vise, PRV-G2 or PRVC-1. These Peak fly vise options have the same design and construction except for the base. PRV-G2 has a pedestal base, while PRVC-1 has a C-clamp for easy attachment to the edge of a table or ledge. Either way—whether you have a pedestal or C-clamp version—you can unscrew the base off and pack flat for traveling.

Peak Fly Tying Vise – Specs at a Glance

Vise style True rotary

Stainless steel, aircraft aluminum, brass, and hardened tool steel

Base style Pedestal OR C-clamp
Hook capacity range Smallest size to 2/0
Has a bobbin cradle Yes
Has a warranty Yes
Materials to Use Furs, Feathers, Threads, Hooks, Synthetic Materials
Price range peak rotary vise reviews

What are the main parts of the Peak vise?

peak rotary vise accessories

Let’s get to know this tool from Peak Fishing in more detail. Its different parts, from the bottom up, are as follows:


As already mentioned, when making your artificial dry fly the base can either be a pedestal or C-clamp depending on the version you buy.

  • Pedestal

    Model PRV-G2 sits steadily on a 6”x 6” heavy platform made of steel; it is powder-coated and has non-skid and non-marking feet to protect any type of surface; has a recessed area for keeping hooks and beads; has two holes for mounting accessories; plus it also has a single screw for locking/unlocking the vise riser shaft.

  • C-clamp

    Model PRVC-1’s robust clamp has an adjustable grip range of “11/16” to 2-1/4”; its jaws are kept parallel by two guiding pins to prevent any movement; it has a deeply-rabbeted face that grips the table’s edge securely; its large tri-lobe screw makes adjusting very easy; it works even for curved edges or round tables; has a hole for mounting an accessory post.

Riser shaft

This is the vertical post that connects to the base, the bobbin cradle, and the rotating parts of the vise; it has a standard 3/8” diameter.

Bobbin cradle

This is also called the bobbin rest; it attaches to the Peak shaft or any standard 3/8” shaft with a plastic set screw; it’s easy to adjust or swing out of the way; it gives you total thread control.

Rotary shaft

On one end of this shaft is a crank or handle for turning the vise; you can loosen a screw to make rotation easy and lock it to turn the vise into a non-rotary type; on the opposite end of the shaft is a rotating bracket that holds the jaw.

Jaw mounting bracket

This is the inclined part of the Peak vise that holds the jaws in place; it’s a cam-operated hook system, and thus, has a jaw tightening screw and locking lever.


The attached standard jaw in this model is designed for securing hooks from 2/0 to the smallest size; made of tempered tool steel; you may replace it with saltwater jaws for hooks larger than 2/0; you may also use midge jaws for really small hooks.

peak rotary vise sale

peak vise review

Pros of the Peak tying vise

We’re a big fan of this rotary vise because of the following pros:

  1. Solid construction – it is made of a combination of high-quality materials, including stainless steel, aircraft aluminum, brass, and hardened tool steel.
  2. Made in the USA – it is made by a trusted company; parts for replacement and upgrading are available.
  3. Seamless rotation – you can spin it 360 degrees effortlessly; you can make small infinite adjustments to the rotating shaft and the jaws; easy to learn and master.
  4. Strong and versatile jaw – grips hooks solidly; works on a wide range of hook sizes; the thumb lever is durable; jaws can be replaced for much bigger or smaller hooks.
  5. Stable base – heavy and wide, with non-marring feet; will not tip over or wiggle even with the biggest fly size.
  6. Sturdy handle – the vertical handle is solid; you can replace it with a D-arm if you prefer a horizontal handle.
  7. Has a warranty – it is covered by a lifetime limited warranty against manufacturing defects.
  8. Excellent value for money – at this price point, the quality that Peak Fishing offers is unmatched.

Cons of the Peak Rotary Vise

There’s actually very little to dislike about the Peak  vise. One of the obvious reasons for that is its warranty. The US-based manufacturer can address complaints easily and quickly. Like all products, however, it has its fair share of cons, which we have listed below:

  1. The knobs are made of plastic – they work just fine because you don’t need to force them tight when making adjustments. However, some users prefer brass setscrew which Peak Fishing provides as a replacement but must be purchased separately.
  2. There are some quality issues – an example is a vise shaft that won’t fit the clamp hole. It’s a minor defect, but annoying nonetheless.
  3. Minimal padding – some users find the pedestal padding or suction cups to be inadequate.
  4. Does not come with a material holder – some vises come with a material holder spring, but most brands—including Peak fly tying vises—usually don’t. You can buy it as an add-on since it’s an important accessory to make your artificial fly.

Conclusion on the Peak Rotary Vise Review

peak fly tying vise accessories

Overall, we find Peak fly tying vice — both the pedestal and C-clamp versions—an excellent tool. You can count on it to last for years. Fly fishing hobbyists and anglers, who have bought it as their first tool, swear by its functionality and reliability. Even as they have upgraded to more advanced tools, they have kept their PRV-G2 or PRVC-1for occasional use or have passed it on to their kids or friends. Surely, this long useful life is hard to beat especially for an inexpensive vise.

Did You Know The Peak Rotary Vise Has Extra Features?

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  • March 16, 2019