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Find Out How to Choose the Right Fly Fishing Waders?

Remember to think about where, when, and how often you will be fishing.

Consider the environment and your own wading style and ability. This article

will offer answers to the questions you should be asking yourself when

you’re looking to buy your next pair of waders.

Fly Fishing Waders Styles Explained

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Hip Waders

Hip waders are a great choice for the casual angler who prefers staying in

shallow water and fishing in warmer weather. If you aren’t planning on

wading far in, or relying on them for warmth; this style should suit you fine.

Waist High Waders

Naturally, waist-high waders allow you to move deeper than hip fishing waders and

work the same as a pair of waterproof pants. They’re a great choice if you’re

looking to fish during the warmer months or in warmer climates.

Chest High Waders

The most versatile and best all-round choice of fly waders, although they tend

to cost more. They can be worn for shallow wading, but also allow for deeper

wading and provide the added protection needed for fly fishing in colder climates.

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Felt Soled Boots

When it comes to stability in the water, boots with felt soles are considered

the best choice. Felt soles perform best in rivers where the bottom is sand,

gravel, or if the riverbed is slick with algae or slime. The disadvantage of felt

soles is that they offer little traction while walking on a path. If you plan on

staying in one spot, these are the soles for you.

Rubber Soled Boots

While rubber soles do not offer the same level of grip as felt-soled boots,

they are a great option for anglers who roam or hike during their fishing

day, and are willing to give up a bit of traction for a more durable sole.

Studded Soled Boots

Studs can be sold already installed in a boot or bought separately to be

added later. Studs offer additional traction to the sole and add better

stability for anglers. If you enjoy fly fishing in deep rivers with strong currents,

studded soles are highly recommended.

Fishing Personalities: What’s Yours?

The most important things to consider when buying a new pair of waders for fly fishing is the durability of the wader, how often you plan on using them, and the environment you’ll be fishing in.


If you plan to fish over 100 days in a year and enjoy hiking through the

woods to find the perfect spot; spending more on a quality pair of waders is

going to be worth the investment. But if you’re a casual fisherman looking to

fish some weekends occasionally, save your money and use it to hire a fishing guide or buy bait!

Fishing Environment

Do you typically fish in small streams? Pick up a pair of hip waders. Prefer to

wade in medium-sized meadow streams and cow pastures? Waist highs are

a great choice for you. Fishing for winter steelhead on the rivers of British

Columbia, or on the Washington coast? Think about investing in a pair of

quality chest waders. But if you’re looking for waders that you can wear

anywhere, you can’t go wrong with a pair of chest highs.

Check out this infographic for more information!

Author: Charlie Robinton

Original Source: eReplacementParts Blog

  • May 17, 2017
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