Renzetti Vise – It Delivers, Let Us Tell You Why!

What are the features and specs of T2000

One of the joys of fly fishing is that it brings you to places you’ve never been to before. In fact, fly fishing and traveling blend so well that together they spell unimaginable adventures. Whether you’re planning to fly fish in a neighboring state or South America to fly fish, you’ll needtools that are easy to pack and carry on your trips.

The Renzetti vise is the perfect example. It is a true rotary fly tying vise that’s full-functioning, compact, and rugged. This tool was designed for people who love to combine fly fishing and traveling. It’s not called the Renzetti Traveler for no reason. You may or may not need it right now, but sooner or later you will.

Specs, at a glance

Vise style True rotary
Material Aluminum, cast zinc, hardened steel
Base style Pedestal OR C-clamp
Hook capacity range 28 to 4/0
Has a bobbin cradle Yes
Has a warranty Yes
Price range renzetti traveler fly tying vise review


What’s special about the Renzetti vise?

The Renzetti Traveler is a mid-priced
renzetti traveler features

In the early 1970s, Andy Renzetti designed and produced the Presentation 3000—the first ever true rotary fly tying vise. It revolutionized fly tying with its 360-degree wobble-free true rotary feature. Many manufacturers followed suit, and today, you will find this true-rotary feature in most of the fly tying vises on the market.

The Renzetti Traveler—also called T2000—came out in 1988. With travelers in mind, the makers of T2000 designed it to be portable but with the unmistakable mark of P3000’s true rotary and powerful jaw features.

So what’s so special about it? T2000 is the result of many years of designing, consulting with end-users, innovating, upgrading, and refining. It is unlike some products that are produced, sold, phased out, and not heard of again. With every Renzetti vise you see in the market comes the genius and dedication of people who knew about fly tying firsthand. It has evolved over decades of perfecting.

Whatever flaws and weaknesses it initially had were already corrected in the current editions.

What are the features and specs of T2000?

T2000 allows you to do elaborate flies even when you’re away from your workshop. Its current edition has the following features and specs:

  1. Pedestal or C-clamp base – both versions of base are available from Renzetti. The black powder-coated pedestal measures 5”x5”. Sellers may be limited in the versions and accessories that they carry. You may check Renzetti’s website and inquire about their authorized sellers.
  2. Left- or right-hand action – if you don’t specify, you will likely get the right-hand version. Specifically ask for the customized left-hand action if that’s what you need. If the retailer does not carry it, inquire from where you can buy one.
  3. Long base shaft or stem – the shaft or stem for a pedestal base is 7” long, while the stem for a C-clamp version is 8” long.
  4. Bent shaft– like in all Renzetti vise models, you will find the signature bent shaft in T2000.
  5. Cam-operated jaws–the vise head has patented cam-operated jaws that ensure solid grip. It holds hooks from size 28 to 4/0.
  6. Bobbin cradle – the cradle arm rests on a support collar and fixed in position with a tension-screw.

What do we like about it?

  1. It’s customizablefor left or right operation– it adds to the user’s ease of use.
  2. It works for a great range of hook sizes –you will rarely need other jaw types.
  3. It’s made in the USA – transacting about after sales services becomes easier.
  4. You get a lifetime warranty for it – it adds to your peace of mind.
  5. Only minimal adjustments are needed – even when switching from midge to saltwater jaws and back, adjustment is simple and quick.
  6. Easy to take apart and reassemble – makes packing so much easier to do.
  7. It’s relatively inexpensive –it’s a steal of a deal for the quality that you get.

renzetti traveler reviews

What’s not so great about it?

  1. The polyurethane O-ring breaks easily – though there’s little else in the Renzetti vise that will fail.
  2. There’s a service fee to be paid even with the lifetime warranty – only some parts are covered for repair or replacement. The service is not free. This is not really a negative because most warranties operate that way. You just need to know exactly what the warranty covers.
  3. The pedestal is not very heavy – most pedestal-type brands we’ve tried had heavier bases. On second thought, it shouldn’t be heavy since this is a traveler’s fly tying vise.


Renzetti Vise fly tying station
Renzetti Vise fly tying station dimensions

The Renzetti Traveler is a mid-priced, compact fly tying vise that has all the bells and whistles of more expensive brands. We attribute that quality to the work that went into it and the number of years that perfected it. If you’re looking for something portable to bring along in your travels, this vise is made exactly for that purpose. On the other hand, if you need all the important features but don’t want to spend so much, then it fits the bill, too!

  • April 1, 2019