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Selecting Beginners Fly Fishing Kits & Outfits

We carry a selection of starter kits at all price points from brands we trust. Starter kits are a great way for beginners to get all of the necessary gear, and be confident that everything matches. We’ll help you choose the right kit based on your budget and the fish you want to catch.

Getting Started With a Complete Fly Fishing Kit

Fly Fishing outfits are complete kits designed to get you on the water fast. They’ll include a fly rod, reel, backing, line, and leader. Depending on the model you buy, they may also have a range of accessories like fly boxes, leaders, or knot tiers. Some may have rod tubes and rod socks as well. Each kit is a little bit different, but generally the more expensive outfits will have more responsive rods, better reels, and more durable fly lines.

Quality of Equipment

Just 5 years ago these complete kits were second-rate equipment that would not withstand the test of time, and generally frustrate you because of a lack of performance. This is simply not true today. Don’t let the all-in-one option deter you from starting with a kit. As you begin to fish more often and eventually upgrade your equipment, these setups are great for a friend or family member to use as you introduce them to the sport.

Back Up Rod/Reel Combos

Complete outfits also work great as a backup. If you’ve been waiting all year for your annual trip to a Montana trout stream and only have one rod, your fun could easily come to a screeching halt if you break it. They’re also an excellent choice for kids as well. They love to have their own special gear, which really helps them get excited to head out with you.

Summary on Fly Fishing Kits

Complete kits are rod, reel, and fly line combos that are your one stop shop to get you on the water quickly and easily. All of the gear is perfectly matched to help you avoid the frustration improperly matched components.

  • March 4, 2017
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