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Mcflyfishers.org is a blog that was setup as a FREE resource to help you find great fly fishing spots and to share all kinds of fly fishing tips and techniques.

Mcflyfishers.orgfly tying kit offers current information, news, resources and articles related to Fly Fishing. We’ve taken the time to check out each and every resource link featured on this site to make sure we offer our visitors the very best and most current information available.

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It was our vision to produce a Fly Tying Review blog that is shot from the tyer’s point of view. Our tyers are nationally and internationally known figures and are icons in the fly fishing industry. They are authors of books and contributors to magazines, and are regular guest speakers and tyers at major sportsman’s shows. Their instruction are clear, concise and easy to follow.

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We review best fly fishing and fly tying accessories to help our audience buy the best product which suit their needs. Our goals is to make sure the products our readers are purchasing online, are worth their money. MC Fly Fishers mission is to provide a national audience with proven, never before published techniques, profiles, and patterns for fly fishing.

Satisfaction of the anglers is our motto.

We give reviews on a range of products includes Vises, Hackle Pliers, Bobbin Holders, Hair Stakers, Whip Finishers, Bodkins, Scissors, Pliers & Forceps, Tweezers, Priests, Bags, Wallets & Reel Cases, Tinsels and Floss etc.

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If you’re looking for resources and information on fly fishing, you’ve come to the right place!  We pride ourselves on being your online resource for up-to-date fly fishing information. We also offer valuable information and resources on fly fishing gear and reviews.

Whether you’re looking for fly fishing gear reviews, tips on what lures or flies to use, you’ll find them here.

Enjoy your fly fishing and thanks for visiting!