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Should You Buy the Norvise – Check Out Our Review!

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Should You Buy the Norvise - Check Out Our Review!

Norvise is a company that revolutionized fly fishing with its new rotary vise system. It seems that fans of this technique waited for a fly tying product like this to make their life easier. In this review, we are focusing on what makes this system worth trying and why it stands out from the crowd!

Our Norvise Review – What Makes It So Special?

The first thing we noticed is the dedication the manufacturer had in designing all parts of the product. The fly tying system contains durable brass hubs and precision ball bearings. These are crucial components because they enable the product to act as a spinning wheel.

The company tried hard to ensure the base has an ideal texture and shape. The idea was to secure unmatchable dubbing, and it seems the manufacturer met the expectations. If you want to apply working threads or other hackles and materials, you can do so effortlessly with this product.

You can find numerous online videos to see how it works. Check out the one below to learn more about the product:

Specs, at a glance

Vise style Rotary
Material Heavy brass or 303 stainless steel
DVD with instructions Yes
Configuration Standard inline jaws (alternatives available)
Has a warranty Yes
Price range norvise automatic bobbin kit

 Basic Product Details

The first thing you should know is that the product was developed by skilled anglers with years of experience in different types of fishing. They understand what the fishers need, and that is how they came up with this unique fly tying vise.

At first glance, you might think it is just another fly tying product. However, once you get a better look, you realize it offers far more than a standard rotary vise. While the other products use the actual rotation to move the hook around, this item applies a whole different strategy.

The vise features an ideal rotational centerline, which is what facilitates hook spinning. Thanks to that, you do not have to get your hands tired to wrap the material. Instead, you can spin the hook and enjoy the simplicity of the process.

That way, you save both time and effort. Additionally, the process becomes as simple as it can get. Even if you are an amateur angler that hasn’t been fly fishing before, you won’t have any issues with mounting the material.

Norvise Fly Tying Bobbin Kit

norvise salenorvise for sale

Norvise is a reputable brand and a manufacturer famous for high-quality products. That means you can’t go wrong if you decide to get your bobbin from them.

The fly tying bobbin kit can be enough for those who consider fishing a hobby. The bobbin kit also includes arbor and three additional spools. The bobbin itself includes a ceramic tube and a spool. The great thing about this device is that it was designed to match the fly tying vise system developed by this manufacturer.

If you want to make things even easier, you should try automatic bobbin. It is capable of instantly retracting to an optimal tying position. The automatic bobbin kit will optimize managing your threads, and ensure there are no issues in operation.

What Other Accessories Are Worth Trying?

Here is an overview of additional components you can get along with your fly tying vise:

norvise fly tying systemused norvise for sale

  • Lamp magnifier – it is a very useful addition if you are working in low-light conditions. Apart from providing the necessary lighting, the product will also magnify the surface so that you can easily apply the material anywhere and anytime.
    norvise bobbin kit
    norvise fine point jaws
  • Gallows – this is an attachment that you can use for extended bodies and parachute patterns.
    norvise partsnorvise videos
  • Travel case – this is a helpful product that gives you plenty of storage. You can pack materials, equipment, extra tools like scissors, etc.

Different Jaw Configurations

You will get a standard inline jaw if you choose to purchase the standard version of the fly tying vise.

However, if you are looking for a different configuration, you can also pick these alternatives:

  • Fine point jaws – by reducing the angle from 45 to 30 degrees, the manufacturer ensured an even smoother spin. At the same time, the configuration keeps the product’s use simple.
  • Large jaws – these are perfect for tying large stuff. The great thing about them is that they fit into the hub at the front of the device. That increases the versatility while maintaining simplicity.
  • Tube fly system – if you plan on using tube fly materials like metal tubes with liners, or bottle tubes, this configuration can be a smart choice. You can also use it with the spray can tubes, “Q” tips, and other non-standard items.

What Is the Difference Between the Standard and the Legacy Vise?

The preferred material for the standard version is brass, but the company decided to take things to the next level with the Legacy edition. The unit was designed in 2018, with the main feature being stainless steel as the primary material.

The company selected the top-quality 303 stainless steel, which is very durable and promotes the longevity of the item. You may be able to find this used vise for sale, but in case you don’t, we should mention that you can also buy a Legacy conversion kit.

If you have the standard fly tying system, that kit will secure everything you need to convert the vise to a legacy edition. That way, you will keep some money in your pocket, and upgrade to a better product.

The Verdict

norvise lamp magnifier

norvise products

A rotary vise seems to be the latest trend among the fly fishing enthusiasts. Whether you prefer using an artificial fly, tube flies, or small synthetic things, you will find that using this product is simple.

Our review undoubtedly shows that the company designed a trustworthy fly tying system. The product makes applying different materials to hooks simple. You can even choose between the Standard and Legacy edition, with the latter securing additional longevity. And it doesn’t matter if you are aiming to catch bass, salmon, or trout. As long as you pick the right fly, the Norvise system will help you to get that catch of the day!

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  • October 24, 2019