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Top Outdoor & Fishing Blogs Guaranteed Get Your Adrenaline Pumping!

What’s so good about outdoor sports? Apart from the adrenaline rush and sense of achievement, there’s that oneness with the great outdoors. You’ll feel alive like never before! It’s something that you have to experience firsthand to fully understand.

You can go rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountain trekking, mountain biking, cave diving, snowboarding, or game hunting. Some of these can be pretty dangerous, so you need to have the skill and experience before venturing on your own. The danger and difficulty shouldn’t stop you but challenge you, instead, to learn and train more.

Your sport, though, doesn’t have to be dangerous to be exciting. Leisurely activities like bird-watching, fly fishing, hiking, spelunking, camping, canoeing, and kayaking are fun and relatively safe. You can step up your game by increasing its degree of difficulty. Canoeing, for instance, can very well turn into a white-knuckle ride if done on white water.

All that’s needed is a little creativity and sense of adventure from your part. We, at McFlyFishers, are calling the inner outdoorsman in each of you to try something new today. We’ve listed 7 amazing outdoor and fishing blogs that will excite you with their awesome content!

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The best fishing and outdoor blogs to follow:

best outdoor blogs

  1. TeleOpticBinocular

best hunting gearWhatever outdoor sport you’ve chosen, you’re going to need more than your pair of sharp eyes to scan your surroundings and secure your camp. TeleOpticBinocular is a website that specializes in telescopes, gun scopes, and binoculars. It’s a goldmine for birdwatchers, hunters, and campers.

Its rich content includes guides on what to look for when buying scopes and optics. What we like about the guides is that they break down the technical specs into details that are understandable by a non-techy person. This article, which is written for birdwatchers, is one good read. It explains well why it’s not always true that “bigger is better” when referring to a binocular’s magnification.

TeleOpticBinocular also offers extensive reviews for different types of scopes and accessories with a special section for bird-watching scopes. You will find blog posts and informative resources, such as their article on the proper care of binoculars.

  1. TrapperJournal

camping blogsNature is your playground, so critters should be your playmates, right? Well, not really. But if you’re camping by a stream in the woods, remember that it’s their home and you’re the visitor. So how exactly do you deal with them? Keith Jameson and Wade Davies created TrapperJournal.com exactly for this reason—to draw the line between humans and animals.

The TrapperJournal is a resource of solutions for keeping critters and pests at bay. It addresses homeowners, but it’s easy to see how they can help campers and fishers, too. So while it’s our purpose to connect with the wild, we’d also like to sleep safe each night and wake up to another day!

Critter-proofing your camp should come like second nature to you. That’s a tall order, we know, but you’ve got to start somewhere. This wildlife blog is the perfect starting point to learn and master this skill. Jameson and Davies talk about how traps work, setting them up, choosing the best one for you, baits that work, and making traps safe for pets and children.  Looks like we all need these!

  1. EverydayCarryGear

adventure blogsYou shouldn’t go to any adventure without the proper gear—that’s what Kel says, a modern-day prepper and survivalist, and we believe her.  The challenges of an outdoor adventure don’t end at sundown. In fact, the darkness and forest sounds only intensify the excitement. We can’t stress enough how important it is to equip yourself with survival skills and the proper gear.

EverydayCarryGear has a long list of articles to help you prepare for your next conquest. A quick visit to Kel’s site will tell you that it’s one of the ultimate outdoor blogs for preppers, EDC collectors, homesteaders, and adventurers out there.

It’s a good idea to inspect your gear right now and see if they are lacking or need updating. Don’t wait till your flashlight dies on you and you don’t have a backup. You don’t want that happening before you break camp. So turn that rucksack upside down, test each piece of equipment, and check out this site to see what else you’ve missed.

camping blog

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  1. ClimbingaMountain

best outdoor blogsMost outdoor sports entail climbing a mountain. That’s because mountains have the coolest and purest rivers for fishing, the deepest caves for cave diving, the most treacherous trails for extreme bike racing, and the steepest cliffs for rock climbing.

Of course, we’re not discounting mountain trekking for the love of it. Mountains throb with life—with flora and fauna—and just being there is energizing.

So whatever your outdoor interest is, we’re certain that you will find ClimbingaMountain a very useful blog. This is the perfect place to start if you’re a beginner in climbing. You’ll learn about the difference between hiking, trekking, and mountaineering, and which one is best for you. You can also compare your list of gears, clothing, and boots with what this site recommends.

Reading more, you’ll realize that preparing for a climb does not only refer to the gears and equipment. It involves working out, building skills, and planning details like destinations, permits, taking a climbing guide, and the best seasons for climbing. Accounts on climbing famous mountains, like Mt. Kilimanjaro, provide endless inspiration for veteran and novice climbers alike.

  1. AverageHunter

Nothing about the AverageHunter blog is average or mediocre at all. It’s definitely a unique field of interest. Matt Staser is the man behind this hunting and fishing blog. With his remarkable skills as an archer, he uses bow and arrow cast in his exploits and brings fishing and hunting to a whole new level.

This blog is a melting pot for people who love camping, hunting, fishing, and outdoor bonding with family and friends. Matt tells you why it’s important to “train hard, hunt hard” which he believes is the secret to living a long and happy life. You will find practical topics like treating poison ivy rashes with common kitchen supplies and turning wild game into mouth-watering recipes.

We can’t help but follow Matt’s blogs, and we know why. Aside from the hunting tips, store, and MP3 downloads which we’re so pleased about, his articles highlight his personal feats. Behind each blog are real faces. In one article, for instance, he shares the excitement of his son’s first deer hunting camp, which was also his grandfather’s last. That struck a chord with us.

  1. RangerMade

Surviving the wild is a serious business, and RangerMade will fill you up with all the survival and tactical items that you will possibly need. It carries great reviews for gears, gadgets, outfits, and accessories. Shooting benches, tactical pants, scent-blocking outfits, rain gears—you name it!

Its archive has tons of materials and is continually updated. You’ll find guides for beginning kayak fishers, documentation about treks, and cycling destinations. We kind of expected these topics. What floored us were articles like primitive tools for the modern-day survivalist and water filter from trash! These articles are smart and cool, and we want more like them!

The topics are not limited to surviving the great outdoors though.  A substantial section of this site is dedicated to articles about defending yourself against crimes, attacks, and calamities. So while most of the outdoor blogs we’ve featured today highlight raising your guard in the wild, RangerMade basically says that you shouldn’t let that guard down in the civilized world.

  1. ElectricBikeAdvisor

top fishing blogsRiding a bicycle is one of those skills that—once learned—stays with you forever. The amazing thing about biking is that it’s both a means and an end. You use it to reach a destination, but pedalling it pumps your heart and flexes your muscles. That’s the reason for the youthful thrill that you get each time you ride a bike. It’s a great way to get fit and commute at the same time.  They are also great for us Fly Fishers to get easily to that secret little fishing spot!

For a less exhausting bike ride, you can opt to spend a bit more for an electric bicycle. It opens more opportunities for older and heavier people to finally be able ride a bike. According to ElectricBikeAdvisor, it’s easier for a rider to go faster and longer on an electric bike than on a regular bike because it is motorized.

As more and more people use bikes, various types and functions are now being produced. ElectricBikeAdvisor explains how electric bikes differ from each other and how to choose the best type for your purpose. E-bikes are a bit expensive, so make sure you that you know what you’re buying. Bookmark this site and check out its useful guides and review section.

  1. CountryHookers

I really like this fishing blog!  Both fishing and hunting involve a deep-seated love of pursuing a target and exploring the wild. So it’s not a coincidence that many people who are passionate about fishing also enjoy hunting. Does this sound like you? If so, then CountryHookers is for you. It’s home to fishers, hunters, hikers and backpackers, and people who live off the grid. Rob Richardson brings together personal accounts, firsthand reviews, and relevant issues and news about wildlife adventures in one outdoor blog.

The most engaging blogs are those that tell stories, and that’s what the CountryHookers does. You’ll read about daring expeditions, such as the one taken by Aurelijus Liubinas where he caught (and released) over a hundred King Salmons in the rivers of Kamchatka, Russia. You’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like to survive in this remote land, including the thrill of close encounters with grizzly bears that call it home.

Aside from stories, you’ll find tips and practical guides written in the same simple fashion. Its article on fishing reel gear ratios, for instance, is spot-on for beginners. You will also find a review section for gears and equipment. There’s something uniquely dependable about this section. Richardson and his team appraise items that they have actually used and which they like. So, if you’re eyeing a piece of gear reviewed in this blog, consider it field-tested and quality-approved.

Get up and out!

The great outdoors is nature’s gym, and it awaits you to explore it! Find your place in the sun and start getting fit. In this gym, your exertion will not depend on a timer or the repeats you need to make. Instead, you respond to nature and its challenges. It’s about evading danger, pursuing prey, pushing to your limits, or just surviving a day.

The woods, the waters, and the mountains are your ultimate happy places. They’re your natural getaway to escape from stress, pollution, busy schedules, and anxieties. So start something soon.!  Join a hiking club, follow an outdoor blog, and pick an outdoor sport. It may not always work the first time, but don’t lose heart.  And if you new to fly fishing check out my article on best fly fishing flies – you’ll be an expert before you know it!

Here’s one thing that never fails to work: Take the back roads. They’ll lead you to forests and lakes. There are lessons to learn from bird sanctuaries, fishing holes, the vast skies, the rugged mountains, and the green fields.  It’s one huge school out there.  Don’t waste any more time.  Have a life and have fun doing it!

  • May 9, 2019