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How to Choose the Right Fishing Waders

Remember to think about where, when, and how often you will be fishing. Consider the environment and your own wading style and ability. This article will offer answers to the questions you should be asking yourself when you’re looking to buy your next pair of fishing waders. Wader Styles Explained Hip Waders Hip waders are […]

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The Art of Setting the Hook

If you ask to average anglers about the most important aspects of bass fishing, you’d get a myriad of answers from lure selection, electronics, equipment, or fishing out of the right kind of boat. I bet, no one will tell about the hook set, while it would rank as very important to many of the aspects. When I […]

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Best Fly Fishing Flies

Fly patterns are designed to look like fish food. While the majority of flies are designed to look like insects, fly patterns may look like anything a fish might eat. We carry a selection of pre-assembled kits or select favorites that will get you on the right track. Why do we use flies instead of […]

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